Remotus 300JD

Waist transmitter with joystick for cranes, vehicles and machinery

Remotus 300JD is our intermediate model and is made to handle everything from standard solutions to advanced mechanical equipment. Its usual areas of use are cranes and hoists, pumps, winches and different types of vehicles. Remotus 300JD is tailored to the customer’s needs and can control up to six motions. Max. three joysticks or six paddles. Also available without display. The emergency stop function complies with PL d, Cat 3, EN ISO 13849-1.

Technical data
Temperature range-25 to +55°C
Radio frequency433-434 MHz
406-470 MHz
2.4 GHz
Output power1 - 400 mW
RangeUp to 1000 m
Battery6V / 2.4 Ah
Operating timeapprox. 10 hours
Dimensions250 x 175 x 160 mm
Weight1.2 kg
DisplayLCD, 1 row 8 characters, 1-3 rows 16 characters/row and 8 LEDs.