Developed to withstand extreme stresses

Safety and directives

Åkerströms products are extremely robust and developed to withstand harsh environments. The products are tested for things like vibration, cold and heat, as well as extensive tests for EMC and LVD.

The products are rated to protection class IP65-67, which means they are highly resistant to dust and water. Our components are all carefully selected and tested before they are shipped to the customer. All our products are CE approved.
Our products adapted for mobile applications are also approved for vehicle use as part of the EU and UN regulatory framework. We also have FCC approval for products we sell to the markets where this is a requirement.

The stop function in our remote control systems for safety critical applications is approved to Performance level D (Pl d), Cat 3, EN ISO 13849-1. Movements can also be classified on request.

For deliveries within Scandinavia, we apply:
General Conditions for the Supply of Machinery NL09 and
General Conditions for the Supply of Software NPV09,
unless specifically agreed otherwise.