Reliable radio remote control for increased control and safety

For more than 100 years, we have developed products and services adapted to meet both current and future needs. We offer our customers control and safety in their workplace thanks to our safe and robust remote control systems. We offer a wide range of products and services that includes a variety of transmitters, receivers and other equipment to create complete systems.

Product overview – What we do

Åkerströms offers safe solutions in the field of remote control and digital services for industrial processes. High quality remote control and customized solutions make the difference between a problem-free working day and long downtimes and accidents in the workplace. Our range includes solutions for every customer, regardless of their size, industry or application.


Remotus is our range of robust products and solutions for the remote control of safety critical applications.


Sesam is our robust product family for the remote control of non-safety critical applications.


Access_Ctrl is the name of our business area for connected services for access management and logging.

Remotus – Safety critical applications

Remotus is the name of our family of robust radio controlled products for safety-critical industrial applications. Several of the products in this range are safety classed as PL d., Cat 3, EN ISO 13849-1. The waist transmitters have dual CPUs, which means superior safety, even with movements/functions. They have an active stop function, which means the receiver will stop in less than 100 ms. Transmitters with displays can show function data and system alarms. Remotus is ordinarily used for cranes, vehicles, machinery, harbour equipment and other equipment with high safety requirements. The system can control multiple cranes from one transmitter or several transmitters can control one crane, i.e. tandem operation.

Remotus can also be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

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Sesam – For non-safety critical applications

The Sesam family is used for controlling applications such as doors and gates, fans, lights and other non-safety-critical functions. The Sesam family offers different sizes of pushbutton transmitters, from small on/off varieties to large ones that can control up to a thousand different receivers, which is practical for facilities with many doors, for example. The receivers are available for wall or DIN mounting, and we also offer a model for mounting on machinery or wagons in demanding environments. There is also a software solution for easy configuration of large-scale facilities, which is practical when installing many transmitters and receivers that often need to be managed.

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Access_Ctrl – Access management and production data log

To limit accidents and injuries in the workplace, it is extremely important for the employer to control who can use the equipment and in what way. The most common cause of accidents is mismanagement of equipment and untrained personnel having access to the application. With Access_Ctrl, we can help you reduce these problems through managed access to the remote control with an optional RFID tag. As an administrator, you can then easily control when and how the equipment may be used with our system. You have access to logs that show how the equipment was used and by whom as well as any unauthorized login attempts. All easily accessed via a web interface.

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