Cranes & Lifts

We offer safe and robust products and solutions for all types of industrial cranes for light, easy lifts and heavy, advanced lifts.

Maximum safety and productivity

Industry has high demands when it comes to the safe lifting and transfer of goods and materials. And so do we.
With years of experience and expertise in the field of radio control of cranes in demanding industrial environments, as well as in smaller workshops, we ensure that the customer will receive the optimal and safest control system for all types of industrial cranes. For additional control and safety in industrial premises, many of our systems can be supplemented with connected services such as access management, where only authorised and trained personnel can control the crane under your specific instructions. Via an easy to use web interface, you are given full control over the assignment of access rights to specific cranes, for a specific time and date, etc. We can also give you the option of logging production data, which can provide additional security for your critical processes.

With Åkerströms, you can feel confident that your lifting operations will continue to function safely for operators and personnel and that unexpected and unnecessary production stoppages will be minimised for many years to come. Our extensive aftermarket department for service and support offers world class service with several maintenance and service offers, including high quality repairs and spare parts. We supply sustainable solutions that you will profit from!

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