A range of machinery for road building, construction and civil engineering.

Ergonomics and safety for the operator

Radio control allows a mobile machine and its functions to be controlled smoothly from a safe distance. Ergonomics is an important aspect for the operator, as clumsy movements and turns, often from heavy, vibrating machinery, are eliminated, minimising the risk of work-related injuries. Radio control allows for smooth operation using buttons or joysticks via a wireless transmitter, either handheld or attached to a belt around your waist. No more tangled cables or poorly organised work standing at a fixed control panel on the machine or machine trailer. The operator can move freely and therefore carry out the work from a safe distance.

With our expertise, close customer relationships and experience of different solutions for the safe control of road, construction and plant machinery, we have developed and adapted our systems for optimal, safe use. We will listen to your requirements and create a solution designed to meet your specific needs. Our systems are robust and designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, strong vibrations and wide temperature fluctuations. We will ensure that the operator feels secure and can carry out the work as smoothly and as safely as possible.

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