Virtual training simulator for crane operators

Virtual reality crane operator training

Virtual training simulators are built on modern Virtual Reality technology. A user can operate a radio-controlled overhead crane in a digital environment under safe conditions. Today’s technology allows the cranes to behave realistically, and the environments are lifelike. A virtual crane can be effectively used for training purposes and often surpasses the training opportunities available with real machines. The advantages include accessibility to different cranes, personnel safety, mental preparation for hazardous situations, and ensuring the competence of crane operators.

Standard training simulator

Åkerströms’ training simulator is based on the SS ISO 9926-1 standard, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s AFS 2006:6, and additional requirements from the Swedish industry. The purpose is to educate crane operators so they acquire the practical competence demanded by the industry. The training simulator includes various tasks such as daily inspections, route planning, distance to hanging loads, etc.

Each task includes text and visual aids that pedagogically explain what needs to be done. The student’s performance is monitored and documented, eliminating the need for an instructor to be present during training. The training concludes with a driving test where the student must perform different tasks incorporating previously learned skills. Here, the student applies their knowledge in practice, without visual aids. Performance and violations are recorded and documented, and the trainer can choose which criteria must be met for a passing grade.

  • Daily inspections.
  • Check before each operation.
  • Distance to hanging loads.
  • Observe & avoid obstacles in pathways.
  • Basic crane maneuvering.
  • Lifting straight.
  • Counteract swinging loads.
  • Precision driving.

Customized simulators

The virtual simulators can be customized to reflect specific tasks or lifting equipment. In industries where there are many complex and hazardous tasks, having the right competence is crucial for safe and efficient operations. Being able to train in these tasks in a digital environment provides a safer work environment and reduces costs by increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Interviews with industry representatives have highlighted several difficult and dangerous tasks where training with virtual simulators could increase both efficiency and safety.

Simulator in Steel Mill Environment

Re-training of Crane Operators

Re-training of crane operators is about ensuring that the employer verifies that the operator still possesses the right skills. In practice, it can be challenging to maintain the recommended interval of 5 years. This is because it can be administratively demanding, and production may need to be halted during training. By conducting re-training in a simulator, availability and productivity increase. At the same time, the training interval can be reduced, allowing operators to practice updated procedures and lifting equipment. The results of the training are documented. A successful re-training in a simulator can provide the employer with a basis for extending an existing operating permit.

Examples of Various Training Exercises and Environments

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