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Access_Ctrl is the name of our business area for connected services for access management, daily inspection and logging. Access_Ctrl is designed to offer increased industrial control and security and is a complement to Åkerströms’ robust and secure radio control systems.

Access management and daily inspection

Maximum control and safety

Åkerströms aims to help industry minimise accidents and injuries in the workplace. In industries where heavy lifting and critical processes are carried out on a daily basis, personal and production safety are of paramount importance. Operators must be able to carry out their work as safely as possible and nobody on site should suffer injury. With Access_Ctrl access management, we give maintenance/production managers and others full control over who can activate the radio control system to operate the crane – when, where and how. Nobody needs to question the operators’ authority or whether or not they have the relevant training to operate the crane. Everything is stored securely in the system. There is no chance of unauthorised operation.

You can use the system to set exactly who can operate the crane, where and when. Access is controlled and managed via an easy to use web interface that can be located locally in the company environment or in the cloud. With Access_Ctrl, the administrator can see which users are logged in and who has used the crane during the day and at what times. The system also features a complete log that can display invalid logins and who has attempted to access the crane. Access_Ctrl also shows if any crane goes offline. Access_Ctrl gives those who work near the crane an increased sense of security, as you know that only authorised personnel are allowed to activate the radio control system and operate the crane.

The concept is simple: access is managed with an optional RFID tag (Mifare). This is used to view the status of controlled machines and authorised operators. The company can use cards that are already used in the business, such as ID06. This offers major benefits as you can manage cards that are already in use without having to purchase new tags or cards.

Digitize your daily inspection
The daily inspection of a crane or machine is the basis for detecting errors and deficiencies before larger, more costly errors occur. Access_Ctrl ensures that the daily control is performed and reported.

  • Simple management of users and access rights
  • Administered via a web interface
  • Daily inspection functionality
  • Authentication with an optional Mifare type tag or card
  • Complete log of users and times
  • See cranes on a map with GPS positions
  • Export data to other systems

Production data collection

Foreseeable maintenance and safe working

Access_Ctrl also includes a production data log, which provides valuable information and precise data to enable identification of a significant change in the status of the machine.

All operating data is saved, which offers the ability to subsequently analyse operating patterns and potential incidents. It is also possible to add more sensors and measuring instruments for checking various parameters, such as the weight being lifted, which vibrations occur, how fast the crane is being operated or how much weight is distributed unevenly.

The data is saved locally on an LCU (log and connectivity unit), which is synced with the cloud at regular intervals, or on an internal server. This allows access at any time and for any period of time. This means that production can continue even after minor acute incidents, without the risk of data regarding the incident becoming lost. Access_Ctrl provides control over the efficiency, movement and status of the machine – a primary aspect for foreseeable maintenance and safer working conditions in industrial environments.

  • Safer and more secure working environment
  • Long term maintenance scheduling
  • Fewer production stoppages
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier troubleshooting

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