The future begins today

Careful use of the earth’s resources is the greatest challenge we face on a global scale. Åkerströms is committed to doing our share to contribute to our future together. By adhering to the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development, we take a stand from an economic, social and ecological sustainability perspective. The future begins with the choices we make today. Since its establishment in 1918, Åkerströms has done business making sustainable decisions. We intend to continue on this path, driven by innovation and with sustainability as the goal at all levels.

Together we can make a difference

All companies have an impact on society, through their business model, their products and services, and not least through how the company behaves towards its employees. The word ‘Sustainability’ is now part of every company’s CSR policy. But working with sustainability as a guiding principle is much more than an item on an agenda. It is about protecting the environment in everything we do, creating good working conditions, being innovative and developing sustainable products. There are also global guidelines that must be accepted and monitored.

In our industry, there is still a lot to do to improve the conditions for sustainable business models. Åkerströms has always done its utmost to be an example to the industry. By working together, we will see the benefits, opportunities and necessity of reformulating business models, processes and strategies to become as sustainable as we possibly can. Together we make a difference. The entire industry needs to take responsibility for sustainable development.

Sustainability is in our DNA

For over 100 years, Åkerströms has worked for and contributed to a safer working environment by supplying safe and robust solutions for communication and remote control.

Everyone has the right to come home in the same healthy condition that they were in when they arrived at work. We believe they have the same right when it comes to the quality of their remote control. Åkerströms has a long history of service and repair, which saves resources and gives our products a longer life. This is an ecological benefit for the environment and an economical benefit for the customer.

Our agenda 2021–2025

Checklist for our green steps. TBA!

Our sustainability report

We aim to consistently make sustainable choices for our business. As part of the Allgon Group, we work together to create an environmentally friendly, fair and equal business for our clients, suppliers and employees. Read more about our work in Allgon’s sustainability report.

Read our sustainability report