Doors, Gates & Barriers

Opening and closing of doors, gates and barriers

Smooth opening and closing

However many doors, gates and barriers you have, and whatever your requirements for various application processes, we can solve it simply and smoothly with our robust and flexible radio control systems. In a large industrial complex, some users/transmitters may only have authorisation to open one specific door or several within a restricted area. Maybe you require additional transmission security to eliminate unauthorised interception/intrusion. Our wide range of transmitters and receivers offers you increased functionality, allowing you to easily add combinations, settings and additional functions into your system.

Remote control has many advantages. The ability to open/close doors, gates or barriers from large distances, or to restrict functions within a specific area. With a range of different models and number of pushbuttons on the transmitter, we can offer you the optimal solution for your requirements.

Our products are robust and sustainable, adapted for our Nordic climate so they can be used in a wide range of temperatures, water and dust resistant to protection class IP67. We can solve all your problems – everything from garage doors in tenant-owner associations to workshop and industrial doors, gates and barriers to and within enclosed areas.

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