Manuals for Remotus

Here you will find the latest manuals and instructions for standard Remotus and accessories. These documents explain how to install a Remotus system, set up a basic configuration, learn how to operate and delete transmitters, handle CIM cards and much more.

Manuals for Remotus standard system (Jupiter FSK16)

Applies to products with the following RX161 (953951-000, 959023-433, 959035-000), RX110 (959083-433), MC110/Era100 (953949-000, 953950-000, 959003-000), AQ80/Era4/6/8B (954124-000, 954125-000, 953948-000), TX50/10BD (954286-000).

Installation manual (Jupiter FSK16)

Appendix to the installation manual

The program option describe the different programs, note that there are different appendix depending on the reciever.
The appendix multi-crane operation and multi-operator operation describes what differs from the installation manual for this type of operation.

User manuals (Jupiter FSK16)

User manuals (Jupiter FSK12)

User manuals for chargers and batteries

There are also user manuals for SESAM, our family of robust radio controlled products for industrial and mobile use.