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Remotus RX182

Remotus RX182

Remotus RX182 is programmable with 18 different functions that can be customized to meet the user’s needs. Remotus RX182 is used to control machinery that requires many motions and speeds. The number of functions can easily be expanded if necessary. The standard model has 18 relay outputs, two slots for expansion boards and two serial COM ports.

No. of outputs18 independent relays with changeover contacts and line contactor start and hold with monitoring safety relays. 2 serial COM ports.
ExpansionUp to 50 functions and analogue inputs/outputs or digital inputs
Stop outputs2 safety relays, safety parameters per EN ISO 13849-1: Cat 3, Pl d
Radio frequency433-434 MHz
406-470 MHz
Power consumption45 VA
Temperature range-25 to +55°C
EnclosurePowder coated sheet metal
Dimensions335 x 250 x 145 mm
Weight8 kg
Supply voltage24/48 or 115/230 +15-20% V AC or 15-35V DC
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