Remotus 28JBD

Remotus 28JBD is a rugged handheld transmitter made mostly for different vehicles and their functions.

Remotus 28JBD is a unique, rugged transmitter with 8 two-stage buttons and two joysticks. The 28JBD is available with or without graphic display. Th transmitter is very customizable, which makes it well suited for many applications in the automotive and superstructure industries, for example tow cars and sludge tankers where you control various functions such as ramps, winches, suction functions, engine speed etc. To handle rapid and wide temperature swings, it is equipped with a diaphragm vent that releases any condensation. The 28JBD runs on both the general and the individual frequency bands and has distinct interchangeable symbols that can be made to order to meet the customer’s needs. Remotus 28JBD can be equipped with a 102×64-pixel graphic display, where up to four values with unit can be displayed simultaneously, numerically or as bars. The transmitter is equipped with a temperature-compensated battery indicator and warns when the battery level is low. A configuration information module (CIM) stores the transmitter’s configuration. That way, a transmitter’s configuration can be effortlessly moved to another transmitter, for example, when a reserve transmitter replaces the current transmitter.

Technical data
Functions8 two-stage buttons, 2 analogue joysticks
Temperature range-25 to +55°C
Radio frequency433-434 MHz
406-470 MHz
Output power1-400 mW
Battery3.7 V / 1.9 Ah
Protection classIP65
Dimensions243 x 77 x 41 mm
Weight490 g
DisplayGraphic LCD, 102x64 pixels