Remotus ERA 100

Transmitter with joystick for cranes, vehicles and machinery

Remotus Era 100 is a waist held transmitter for cranes and hoisting applications but works just as well with other mobile applications. The Era 100 is easy to use and has a well-thought-out, rugged design. It has rubberized handles for a good grip and also stands firmly on its protective metal feet when not in use. Remotus Era 100 is available in several variants, from the simplest that handles three movements at two speeds along with two extra functions to more complex variants that can handle more movements and functions. The transmitters communicates at 434-434 MHz, 406-470 MHz and the 2.4 GHz band.

Dual CPUs for superior safety

Remotus Era 100 has dual CPUs, which means superior safety, even with motions/functions. It has an active stop function, which means the receiver will stop in less than 100 ms. Remotus Era 100 has a built-in tilt function, which means that it stops if you fall. A user can manoeuvre several objects from the same transmitter (multi-crane operation), and several users can manoeuvre one object from several transmitters (multi-operator operation). A duplex function enables data transmission back to the transmitter.

Configurable display with alarm function and a unique battery solution

Remotus Era 100 has a clear display that is easy to read even in strong sunlight. It also has a vibrator and buzzer, which can be individually configured to different alarm events via the display menu. The display’s backlighting can also shift to red with different alarms that can be chosen from the menu. The waist transmitter has a unique battery solution where the battery is well protected from water and dust in a replaceable module whose opening is located directly below the transmitter. The transmitter can be placed in deep water without affecting the battery.

Easily configured and functional

Configuration of button functions, frequency, shutdown time and permanent/temporary functions is done from the pushbuttons or display. Remotus Era 100 can also be configured via our proprietary configuration tool. The transmitter’s configuration is stored on a configuration information module (CIM) so it can be easily moved to another transmitter. The CIM is secured during operation but is easily accessible for service. The emergency stop function complies with PL d, Cat 3, EN ISO 13849-1.

Technical data
Temperature range-25 to +55°C
Radio frequency433-434 MHz
406-470 MHz
2.4 GHz
Output power1-400 mW
RangeUp to 1000 m
Battery3.7 V / 1.9 Ah
Operating timeUp to 14 hours
Protection classIP67
Dimensions260 x 165 x 150 mm
Weight1.3 kg
DisplayGraphic LCD, 128x64 pixels