Remotus RXS-96

Receiver for serial communication via PLC

Remotus Mercury RXS96 uses serial communication. Instead of outputs as relays and analogue signals, the functions are transmitted via a fieldbus to a control unit (PLC) that is installed in a machine, such as a crane. Remotus Mercury Serial is usually used for remote control of larger machinery where PLC is installed. The functions are pre-programmed in the machine’s PLC and the user can easily install Remotus Mercury Serial and immediately run the system. Control commands are transmitted to the master controller (PLC) serially; PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET I/O Slave.

Technical data
Stop outputs2 safety relays, safety parameters per EN ISO 13849-1: Cat 3, Pl d
Radio frequency406-470 MHz
Power consumption6W
Temperature range-25°C to +55°C
FieldbusPROFINET, PROFIBUS DP slave: 16 bytes out/in (consistent data)
EnclosureAluminium profile for screw mounting or mounting on DIN rail
Dimensions 165 x 105 x 150 mm
Weight1.8 kg
Supply voltage12-24V DC