Update! Business system temporarily down:

Our order flow is now operational

We wish to inform you that our order flow is now operational, despite our business system still being down. This is due to the hacker attack that affected our IT provider Tietoevry on January 19–20.

Security Information:
The attack did not target Åkerströms and only affects the server where our business system is hosted. Our other systems are intact and secure.

Current Measures:
Our IT provider has isolated the incident and completed the necessary restorations, validations, and security checks. Access is being gradually restored, but the exact timing is not yet determined. To manage the situation, we at Åkerströms have established manual processes and have already begun shipping existing and upcoming orders.

Contact Information:
We are committed to delivering your orders on time and minimizing the impact on you..

For more information regarding the IT incident we refer to our IT provider’s news room: https://www.tietoevry.com/en/newsroom/all-news-and-releases/

For questions regarding your orders, please contact our customer service at:
e-mail: frontoffice@akerstroms.se
phone: +46 241-250 70.

For pending repairs and service matters:
e-mail: support@akerstroms.se
phone: + 46 241-250 80.

For questions regarding the processing of personal data (GDPR):
e-mail: privacy@akerstroms.se

For other inquiries, please contact:
Hans Åkerblom, CEO Åkerströms Björbo
e-mail: hans.akerblom@akerstroms.se
phone: +46 241-250 29.

We are dedicated to continuing to offer high-quality service. Welcome with your orders and questions!