Åkerströms Björbo AB and Ragn-Sells Recycling AB establish strategic service partnership for enhanced operational reliability.

Åkerströms Björbo AB, a leader in radio control systems and associated aftermarket services, is proud to announce a strategic service agreement with Ragn-Sells Recycling AB to improve operational reliability and efficiency in their fleet. This partnership symbolizes a commitment to high-quality service and reduced operational interruptions, thereby increasing value for Ragn-Sells’ customers. During the agreement period, Åkerströms will offer preventative maintenance and repairs of radio control systems on selected Ragn-Sells vehicles, with the goal of maintaining optimal operational capacity. Initially focusing on the Central-East Swedish Region, there is an ambition to expand the service nationally during 2024, demonstrating Åkerströms’ flexibility and customer-focused service. The mutual commitment also entails improved service efficiency, including phone support and prioritized repairs, reflecting a shared dedication to sustainability.

Hans Åkerblom, CEO of Åkerströms Björbo, is enthusiastic about the partnership with Ragn-Sells and emphasizes the value of their joint efforts: “We are proud that Ragn-Sells chooses us as a partner, which also acknowledges our expertise. By keeping the radio control systems in top condition, we not only reduce downtime but also save costs and streamline workflows for Ragn-Sells, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective future.”

“Striving for continuous improvements in cost efficiency, environmental consideration, and operational stability is at the core of our work at Ragn-Sells. The choice of Åkerströms as our partner was obvious, given their reliable and proven products and service. They represent an exemplar of reliability, with values that reflect our own, where safety and environmental prioritization are of utmost importance,” says Anders Garén, vehicle specialist at Ragn-Sells.

Andreas Hedström, head of export sales and strategic partnerships, has spent more than a decade building trust and establishing long-term relationships with our customers. He shares his insight into this journey: “Over the years, our focus on deeply understanding and meeting our customers’ needs has led us to develop solutions that not only meet expectations but also exceed them. This has been key to our long-lasting and strong relationships with customers.”

“It is rewarding to see our commitment and hard work bear fruit through expanded collaborations and service agreements. This not only strengthens Ragn-Sells’ operational reliability and business but also solidifies our position as a leader in robust radio controls and aftermarket services for the vacuum truck market in the Nordic region,” concludes Andreas Hedström.