Åkerströms Introduces a New Virtual Training Tool

Åkerströms Introduces a New Virtual Training Tool for Enhanced Personal Safety within the Industry

Åkerströms Björbo, a leader within safe and sustainable radio control solutions for the industry, introduces an innovative training tool that helps improve personal safety during heavy lifting operations.

Åkerströms’ proprietary VR simulators offer a realistic and safe training environment for crane operators, designed to meet the demands and applicable standards of Swedish industry. By combining the company’s radio control systems with advanced VR technology, operators can train on critical tasks such as precision driving, handling load swings, and safe movements around suspended loads. The simulator includes several training modules that culminate in a final exam, where the participant’s performance and mistakes are summarized.

“With our VR training, operators can perform risky manoeuvres in a safe, visual world that is designed to be authentic and engaging, optimizing the learning ability of participants. We can also give other personnel on the work site a chance to experience the crane operator’s work, which improves overall understanding and further enhances safety,” says Magnus Kenger, Business Developer at Åkerströms.

The simulator is ideal for both introductory and refresher training for crane operators, ensuring that operators maintain the right skills for safe and efficient crane handling. Training intervals can be optimized, and results documented, providing employers with reliable data to extend the operator’s license.

“Our proprietary training method is based on Åkerströms’ more than 60 years of experience in controlling risky manual lifting within the industry, which naturally plays a crucial role in the pedagogy behind the training. All to raise safety awareness and competence among future crane operators,” says Magnus Kenger.

Interviews with heavy industry representatives reveal that many complex and dangerous work tasks require extensive training. By practicing these tasks in a safe, digital environment, a safer work environment is created, and costs are reduced thanks to increased efficiency and fewer injuries.

Hans Åkerblom, CEO and Sales Manager, expresses his enthusiasm, “The VR training combined with our Access_Ctrl service ensures that all operations are conducted according to established safety standards, which drastically reduces the risk of human error. Access_Ctrl also enables effective monitoring and control of all lifting operations, optimizing safety and efficiency in the workplace.”

Overall, Åkerströms complements and enhances its total offering through a comprehensive solution for maximum safety at industrial sites, or as a standalone offering to educational institutes and schools.