New improved remote control solution for industrial cranes!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new and improved Remotus “of the shelf-solution”. Remotus Jupiter is our series of rugged, modular products that we stock in various configurations and can be adapted to most industrial cranes on the market. The systems have a range of pre-programmed options and operate on general frequency bands.

With a user-friendly interface, multiple safety features, and IP67 certification, the new Remotus Jupiter is built to operate in extremely tough conditions for many years to come. With frequency planning, customizable design, flexible configuration software, and layouts (number of buttons and functions), it can easily be adapted to your customers’ existing environments.

You’ll receive layouts that are blank and come with a wide variety of stickers to suit your chosen functions, and quick handling for replacement units.

The new Remotus Jupiter means fast shipping, so you can act for rapid new business growth now! 

JUPITER WAIST TRANSMITTERS are available in several variants, from simpler versions that handle three movements at two speeds to more complex versions that handle more movements and functions. The transmitters have a durable design and are equipped with rubberized handles for optimum grip. They include, built-in vibrator and buzzer that can be configured for different alarm events. The Remotus Jupiter Era 100 and Era 150 handle three movements at two speeds and have two or five additional functions.
New! Era 100 Configurable handles four movements at four speeds as well as five additional functions.

JUPITER HANDHELD TRANSMITTERS are equipped with two-stage buttons, that enable double functions on each pushbutton. Remotus Jupiter Era 8B has eight buttons and handles three movements at two speeds + two additional functions. This versatile transmitter can also be expanded with more functions by configuring it as a 12 button transmitter using the “shift function”. The setting is easily made in the display menu.

JUPITER RECEIVERS are pre-programmed with a wide variety of application programs. New models are now included in the Jupiter line; RX110 with 11 outputs, RX161 with 16 outputs and RX161+ with 16+16 outputs.

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