Social Sustainability

We at Åkerströms know that our employees are our greatest and above all most important resource. Åkerströms’ social sustainability work is based on the UN’s 17 global goals, also known as Agenda 2030. Goal 3 is about good health and well-being, a goal that is in line with our view of the work environment and personnel care.

To promote mental health, psychological safety at work is of most importance. Incidents, accidents, and workload are registered. To ensure that incidents and accidents are followed up, we use a TIA system. We also highlight the importance of reporting psychosocial incidents. At Åkerströms, we strive for a balance between work and private life – work should be adapted to life and not the other way around.

In 2022, we introduced a pulse measurement system that, instead of the annual employee survey, measures the temperature of our employees daily. We see this as extremely necessary to be able to conduct active psychosocial environment work. By working with pulse measurements, a realistic picture of what our employees think is created. The pulse measurement tool also has a function to give each other positive feedback. We see that you feel better, perform better, and grow as an individual!

People, Planet, Profit

At Åkerströms, we are convinced that a sustainable business will go faster if we flourish at the same time as we make the necessary transition. This is something we live for every day, every minute – as we see that it benefits us as a company and is good for the individual and for our society.

Want to know more about our sustainability work?

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