Reorganization for increased customer focus and innovation

Starting January 1, 2024, we are reinforcing our focus on sales, marketing, after-market services, and tailor-made solutions, all under the Åkerströms umbrella. Production and warehouse staff, R&D and development resources are gathered under Allgon, intended to benefit all our customers.

For you, our valued customers and partners, this translates to business as usual. Åkerströms remains your reliable partner, delivering the same top-notch service with the personnel you’ve come to know well. This positive change ensures enhanced resources and streamlines development and production throughout our organization, paving the way for even more innovation and customer focus. Our excellent site in Björbo will continue to evolve to strengthen Åkerströms’ offerings and accommodate all departments just as usual.

Åkerströms Allgon
The Åkerströms’ facility in Björbo now includes two brands, Åkerströms and Allgon.