Hans Åkerblom takes over as CEO

After two successful years as Sales Manager, Hans Åkerblom is now stepping into the role of CEO of Åkerströms, signalling a new era of growth and global presence. The operations in Björbo, a significant cultural institution for over 100 years, will continue to develop with additional resources, expertise, and new employees.

Through the holding company Allgon, Åkerströms gains access to more sales channels worldwide. The focus is on delivering customer value, where Åkerblom will lead Åkerströms through an exciting period of expansion. Additionally, they are investing in research, product development, and the ongoing digitalization journey within the industry. The commitment within Allgon and Åkerströms marks the beginning of an expansive growth phase, where R&D resources are doubled to meet the market’s challenges and support the new leadership.

Hans Åkerblom emphasizes the importance of developing customer-focused solutions for the company’s various business areas and segments. A clear focus on sustainability and personal safety characterizes the company’s strategy under the new leadership. The goal is for Åkerströms, through its solutions, to combine long-term values with the demands for efficiency and profitability for all its customers.

“Together, our expanded organization positions Åkerströms for a future where we redefine global business relationships and take the lead in the industry’s transformation worldwide,” says incoming CEO Hans Åkerblom with conviction.