Sesam 800 RXD

Sesam 800 Wall-Mounted Receiver with display and keypad

Wall-mounted receiver with three function outputs in rugged plastic enclosure for industrial use. The receiver is equipped with a display and keypad, which makes it very easy to add or remove transmitters since settings can be accessed directly on the receiver’s cover. 500 transmitters or groups of transmitters can be connected to the receiver. A PIN code protects the settings so only authorized persons can unlock and manage the functions. Contains a unique security function for encrypted transmission for use at facilities where extra security is required. This function prevents any intrusion or interception of transmissions. The enclosure is classed to IP65 for protection from humidity and dust. Supply voltage of 12-24V AC/DC or 230V AC. Includes antenna with BNC contact.

No. of outputs3
Radio frequency869.8 MHz
Power consumption60 mA
Temperature range-25 to +70°C
Protection classIP65
Dimensions120 x 90 x 51 mm
Weight450 g
Supply voltage12-24V AC/DC
230 V AC