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Even robust, sustainable systems sometimes need spare parts. Some parts are also wear parts, which need to be replaced at regular intervals. We stock a large range of spare parts and accessories for our systems and can quickly supply whatever you need.

It is not always easy to know which spare part you need for your control. The appearance, name and part number may have changed, even if the function is the same. In the web shop, we have done our best to make it as simple as possible to find the right part. If you already know the part number, you can use the search tool to go directly to the required part.

If you still need help finding your part, email frontoffice@akerstroms.se or phone us directly on +46 (0)241 250 60.


Remotus is our robust product family for the remote control of safety critical industrial and mobile applications. Click on your transmitter or receiver type to display the relevant spare parts and accessories.


Sesam is our robust product family for the remote control of doors, gates and barriers, winches for ATVs, tail lift functions, etc. We stock a range of spare parts for our Sesam transmitters.


Here you will find all our spare parts and accessories in the different categories.

Which part are you looking for?