Rolba – Proximity and service are vital for us

A successful collaboration is not just a matter of offering powerful and sustainable products that produce a high economic value. Service and an understanding of the customer’s business are also crucial.

Åkerströms has undergone major growth in the area of remote control of vacuum trucks in the Nordic market. This has been achieved through a customised solution for our customers that has helped position us and the product Remotus as the market’s most powerful and sustainable remote control system. However, none of this would have been possible without successful collaboration.

Patrik Strömgren works in sales at Rolba in Hedesunda, which builds different varieties of vacuum trucks, and has collaborated with Åkerströms for many years. For him, proximity to the customer and collaboration were important aspects of good business relationships.

“We have customers from Skåne all the way up to Haparanda, and proximity can mean different things to them. In Skåne, people want us to be based at a service workshop, while in Haparanda people value the fact that we answer when they call us,” explains Patrik.

Åkerströms delivers on performance

Vacuum truck entrepreneurs work mostly with municipalities and industry. Their vehicles operate for 8–14 hours a day, generating a daily average revenue of some SEK 22,000. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that costly downtime is avoided.

“Anyone can sell a vacuum truck, but to sell 10 trucks you need to keep to delivery times and offer a reliable quality of equipment that performs well. This is where Åkerströms plays a decisive role in our collaboration, as they constantly develop and improve the products,” notes Patrik.

From blank paper to standard solution

When Patrik started working, he would drive out to meet a customer with a blank sheet of paper, ask what they wanted and then sketch a solution – a method that led to Rolba developing standardisation.

“We never built two trucks that were alike, and it was difficult to get any return. So, after 2010, we produced five different product groups with a plethora of variants for each group. It’s now easier for us to estimate volumes,” Patrik explains.

“Through our collaboration with Åkerströms, we have produced several standardised radio-controlled solutions for Rolba. This means that if one unit fails, we can easily lend customers a new unit while the other one undergoes repair. This solution means minimal downtime for the customer.”

Robust remote control systems reduce downtime

The strength of Åkerströms’ Remotus system is in its quality, design and ergonomics, as well as the high output power of the radio waves. We offer fast service and repairs if anything should arise and spare parts with short delivery times.

“Remotus is robust and reliable, which leads to less downtime in our customers’ day-to-day work. I also feel that Åkerströms’ remote-control system has a modern and fresh feel compared to competitors,” adds Patrik.

Responsiveness and service are decisive factors

A successful collaboration is not just a matter of offering powerful and sustainable products that produce a high economic value. Service and an understanding of the customer’s business are also crucial.

“Proximity, service and reliability are vital for us. Our customers select a chassis supplier based on how things work in the area in which they operate. In the past, people had to come to us in Hedesunda for service, but now we’ve moved our service from the north to the south,” says Patrik.

“And in terms of contact with Åkerströms, that’s been really excellent – they are only ever one phone call away. Andreas is our contact person and he keeps us constantly informed about any components that are delayed, for example. After all, everything is fine and dandy as long as the products are working. It’s only when something happens that you have to be on the ball, and I feel that Åkerströms are.

“It’s the same when our customers call us. We maybe can’t always solve their problem, but the most important thing is they can speak to someone who can refer them to the right workshop.”

There is much left to achieve in the collaboration between Åkerströms and Rolba. Cities are growing and the pipeline networks are ageing and in need of maintenance.

“We look forward to many rewarding years of collaboration together and welcome any new customers to us here at Rolba,” concludes Patrik.