A more eco-friendly packaging

For more than 100 years, Åkerströms has provided safe lifts to all corners of industry, and with our robust remote control, we make a direct contribution to a more secure working environment. But we want sustainability to permeate everything we do. It is all about protecting the environment, creating good working conditions, being innovative and developing reliable products that last. That collectively, industry will see the benefits, opportunities and necessity of reformulating business models, processes and strategies to become as sustainable as we possibly can.

The future begins with the choices we make today. That is why we are now switching our packaging to a more eco-friendly model in unbleached, recycled cardboard. Since its establishment in 1918, Åkerströms has done business making sustainable decisions. We intend to continue on this path, driven by innovation and with sustainability as the goal at all levels. The entire industry needs to take responsibility for sustainable development. Together we make a difference.

Chat with us about sustainability

Amanda, expert på hållbarhet

Sustainability is close to our hearts

At Åkerströms, a sustainable business is a core part of our vision. Offering wireless solutions in a sustainable way is something we do every day. If you would like to know more about our sustainability work, talk to Amanda.

Amanda Romlin
Sustainability Manager

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