Efficient and reliable remote control of pallet handling

EAB is a Swedish family-owned company, founded in 1957, that designs, manufactures and assembles warehouse storage systems, gates and steel structures that are adapted to the customer’s specific needs. The company is in Smålandsstenar, where all design, production and development are done. Today, EAB’s market is worldwide. Åkerströms has collaborated with EAB since 1989 – for over 30 years.

“Today and for the last 30 years we have had a solid and close partnership – which is still holding strong,” says Andreas Hedström, Customer Account Manager for EAB at Åkerströms. “We are now looking ahead and reviewing future needs for next generation control, together with EAB of course,” says Andreas, who also notes that working closely with customers and listening to their needs and wishes is one of Åkerströms’ strengths.

Andreas Hedström, Account Manager, Åkerströms

Radioshuttle™ is EAB’s patented system for efficient volume management of high-density pallet racking. Unlike other high-density racking where you must drive into the racking with the forklift, you can let EAB’s Radioshuttle™ pick or place the desired pallet. The system allows for optimal use of your warehouse volume in all temperature zones from -30°C to +40°C. In 2017, EAB launched its sixth generation of Radioshuttle™ – a success with experience from over 1,200 installations worldwide.

EAB’s Radioshuttle™ is wireless and is controlled by Åkerströms’ radio transmitter, which is installed in the forklift. and is a custom variant of Åkerströms’ Sesam 6000 system. Several machines can be controlled with the same radio transmitter so the forklift does not have to stand idle and wait for the machine. It is free to work elsewhere, which makes for efficient forklift utilization.

“In 1990, EAB launched its first Radioshuttle™, which was called Maxipacker at the time. The machine was a real warehouse management success,” says Christer Larsson, technician at EAB who has been working at the company for 40 years. Christer has been involved in the development of EAB’s Radioshuttle™ from the start and in the adaptation of Åkerströms’ remote control.
Drawing on his many years of experience, Christer notes that Åkerströms’ remote control is like an iron bar. It is reliable, easy to use and always works.

Christer Larsson, Technician, EAB

Åkerströms also has other remote-control solutions installed in EAB’s plant in Smålandsstenar. The flexible Sesam 800 system is used to open and close the gates and several of the overhead cranes use Åkerströms’ rugged Remotus system.

EAB kundcase