Our business system is temporarily down

Unfortunately, we have been affected by the hacker attack that our IT provider Tietoevry suffered on January 19–20. We have an active dialogue with our IT provider who has isolated the incident and allocated all necessary resources to restore infected systems.

This has resulted in our business system being temporarily down, and at the present time, we are unable to specify how long the restoration will take.

There is also a risk that the information we have about your company in our business system may have been accessed by unauthorized individuals. We take this event very seriously and place great emphasis on how we can further protect ourselves from future similar incidents.

At Åkerströms, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we can deliver your orders on time and with as minimal impact on your business as possible. We hope for your understanding and ask for your patience as we may face difficulties in providing information about specific aspects.

Despite this challenge, we still want to clarify that we are available and fully capable of receiving your orders as usual.

We refer to our IT provider’s news room: https://www.tietoevry.com/en/newsroom/all-news-and-releases/

If you have questions about your pending orders, you are welcome to contact our customer service at:
e-mail: frontoffice@akerstroms.se
phone: +46 241-250 70.

For pending repairs and service matters:
e-mail: support@akerstroms.se
phone: +46 241-250 80.

For other inquiries, you are welcome to contact:
Hans Åkerblom, CEO Åkerströms Björbo
e-mail: hans.akerblom@akerstroms.se
phone: +46 241-250 29.